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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Doha – Qatar

Ministry Finalizes Qatar Freight Master Plan

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The Ministry of Transport has finalized the Qatar Freight Master Plan (QFMP).

Minister of Transport H.E. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti said, “This plan will contribute to supporting the objectives of Qatar’s Third National Development Strategy (2024-2030), as it will meet the requirements of economic diversification clusters for logistics and shipping services, which are among the most important outcomes on the strategy’s priorities through developing land freight operations in a way that enhances Qatar’s position as a global hub for shipping, transportation, and logistics services, among the top 15 countries in the world in the Logistics Performance Index, thereby achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.”

H.E. the Minister explained that the QFMP is creating an intermodal, integrated, and effective ground freight system to support the requirements of the continuous national economic development, and to provide strategic ground freight solutions that are both efficient and competitive, in addition to achieving integration with air and sea freight transportation sectors and supporting supply chains. This, he added, helps enhance the economic diversification plans, the economic and environmentally sustainable solutions, and support the competitive advantages on regional and global trade by connecting companies, products, services, and individuals together.

The QFMP aims to reinforce and develop the infrastructures to advance Qatar’s land freight transportation industry within an integrated transportation system that takes this industry to the best international standards and practices. The QFMP also aims to develop the national policies and plans to enhance the safety and security of land freight, increase its efficiency, and keep pace with latest sustainability and innovation standards in a way that increases the country’s competitiveness for attracting the movement of supply chains and trade lines, and enhances the cycle of the growing economic production, and meets the national requirements to achieving sustainable development and, therefore, the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The QFMP features policies, regulations, and standards that serve the future of ground freight system and its associated activities in terms of shipping modes and work hours. For that, the QFMP includes several national policies that support the land freight sector, and proposals for many schemes and projects through 2050, which include projects aimed at developing freight ground shipping’s networks, facilities, and modes, as well as governance laws and frameworks for the operations and technologies of shipping and hazardous cargo, let alone expanding on providing the facilities that support the transition to sustainable transportation.

Furthermore, the plan includes freight routes in Qatar, whether designated or shared, aimed at reducing the impact of truck movement on the flow of traffic. The plan also provided a guide for designing freight routes, as well as developing a GIS portal that supports surveys and data of the plan’s outputs.

On this occasion, MOT’s Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Land Transport Affairs Eng. Hamad Essa Abdulla, said: “The QFMP contributes to meeting the growing demand for goods and services in Qatar, safely and reliably, in addition to enhancing economic diversification over the next thirty years to ensure reinforcing Qatar’s position as one of the world’s most sustainable countries in terms of providing innovative transportation solutions that support the national economy and serve as a legacy for rising and future generations.”


Video: Minister of Transport H.E. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti, speaking about the plan.


Video: MOT’s Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Land Transport Affairs Eng. Hamad Essa Abdulla, speaking about the plan.