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Maritime Transport Sector

The Maritime Transport Sector is committed to developing and modernizing the sector in line with MOTC strategic plans aiming at ensuring a safe maritime navigation that meets all safety requirements and obligations, and keeping pace with international maritime developments through creative and effective application of international maritime instruments and observation of emerging trends and latest publications. The Maritime Transport Sector is also working on developing the legal framework for maritime activities, and enhancing the technical and administrative aspects of inspection, examination, control and investigation related to accidents. Ensuring the quality of maritime services and transportation comes at the top of the Sector’s priorities. To ensure high quality standards, we work on spreading the culture of quality, raising awareness of international best practices and standards, and developing an integral inspection system for vessels in order to ensure that all vessels are compliant with international safety requirements for maritime navigation. As part of our efforts to achieve the strategic objectives of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, the Maritime Transport Sector maintains a close relationship with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and runs constant reviews of national legislation to ensure their compliance with relevant international legislation in the best interests of the State of Qatar. Furthermore, the Sector continuously strengthens coordination and cooperation ties with different stakeholders through participation in international meetings and working groups.