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Shared Government Data Center

The Government Data Center offers a centralized facility to host government entities’ IT infrastructure and provides essential hosting and basic monitoring services for all government entities. In addition, it provides space, power, cooling and physical security for government entities’ servers, storage and network equipment that are connected to the government network.

The Government Data Center provides the following features:

  • Hosting services (Colocation)
  • Basic and advanced monitoring services
  • High availability (24/7)
  • Technical support line (24/7)

The Government Data Center provides many advantages to government entities:

  • Quick onboarding of government entities
  • High speed connectivity to the government network
  • Compliance to National Information Assurance standards
  • Service delivery reporting against defined service level agreement
  • Cost reduction of establishing different data centers by acquiring capacity, without the need for capital expenditures

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Transport and Communications at (+974) 4406 9996 or via email address: