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Qatar Government Contact Center

The Qatar Digital Government initiatives aim to support government agencies to enact digital transformation, in line with Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy.

These initiatives enable Qatar’s government to be more efficient, effective, accessible, and customer-centric. In addition, they allow the public to better interact with the government, and executives to have access to information and tools that promote better-informed decision-making.

Complying with the vision outlined in Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy and seeking to enrich Qatar residents with government e-services experience, the e-Government Steering Committee has decided to apply a single sign-on platform for all government e-services and unify all e-services supported through Qatar Government Contact Center (QGCC) (“109”) to receive public inquiries and complaints 24/7.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has implemented the "Government Call Center" project to provide supporting services to the public and communicate with customers, on one hand, and with government and semi-government entities, on the other hand. In 2007, the Ministry established the "Government Contact Center" to support the services provided on Qatar e-Government Portal - Hukoomi.

In 2009, the Ministry developed the "Contact Center" to become a technical support center for various e-services provided by MOTC and other government agencies, in addition to becoming the first governmental line of support to respond to inquiries and complaints from the public. The Contact Center has also become a link between all government agencies participating in it and the public.

It is worth mentioning that MOTC has developed the Government Contact Center with the highest level of technology and service as well as the highest quality standards to suit the requirements and services of all government entities and provide the greatest diversity of services to the public.

109 QGCC is the official and unified hotline supporting Qatar government e-services 24/7. Companies, citizens, residents, and visitors can contact “109” any time to ask about all government information or complain about any government e-service.

109 QGCC is one of the largest government contact centers in the Gulf region, and it accommodates a large number of government entities and institutions.