Land Transport

Preliminary Approval for Limousine & Car Rental Business Activities

Issuing approval to add car rental activities or limousine service

  • Limousine service
  • Car rental with driver
  • Driverless car rental

Definition of service:

  • The Ministry gives approval for the activity during the incorporation stage or adds an activity to the registry and commercial license.
  • The second classification relates to car rental or limousine service


  • None

Conditions and requirements:

  • A certificate of keeping a name from the Ministry of Economy and Trade
  • A copy of the ID card.
  • A copy of the commercial registration.
  • Submit and sign an undertaking and acknowledge the requirements of the Land Transportation Licensing Department for limousine and car rental activities.

Please fill the form and satisfy all conditions and requirements and then send all through the Land Transport Department email Click Here.

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