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Government Network

The Government Network enables a secure and reliable environment for exchanging data between government agencies. The Government Network comprises 100 government entities, and facilitates access to the Internet, in addition to providing access to existing shared government services and future government applications. By providing a single connection to each government entity, the Government Network limits complexities related to multiple connection points, and reduces time, effort and cost, required for the connection.

The Government Network provides network connectivity services between four main groups of users:

  • Inter-government entities
  • Government entities with shared government services
  • Government entities with government data centers
  • Government entities with public Internet
  • Government data centers
  • Public Internet

The Government Network provides the following features:

  • Government Network connectivity services
  • Secure and reliable connection to the Internet
  • A dedicated Network Operation Center, which offers 24/7 support
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting for all government entities connected to the Government Network

The Government Network delivers many advantages to government entities:

  • Offers a secure and reliable connection with other agencies to exchange data and e-services
  • Facilitates the access and use of any shared government services provided through the Government Network
  • Enables entities to identify the adequate bandwidths based on the Government Network operation reports as appropriate to the actual use by government agencies and service level agreements

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Transport and Communications on (+974) 4406 9996 or email