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Government Data Exchange System

Government Data Exchange system helps government entities to raise their efficiency and improves collaboration between them to provide services to the public. Through this centralized back-end data exchange system, entities no longer require the public to submit hardcopy documents for verification purposes. Such verifications can be done through this system directly with the data sources entities, therefore increasing the entities to deliver end-to-end e-services to the public.

The system aims to accomplish this by providing the tools and data standardization to the government entities to enable data exchange in a secure and effective way.

The Government Data Exchange System provides the following features:

  • Enables end-to-end service delivery
  • Sets data exchange foundations and standards
  • Builds a registry or index of all available government data sets
  • Provides an admin panel to data providers and consumers to send and receive request and control access rights

The benefits of this service are many including:

  • Complex services without the need to ask users or to refer to other entities for document verification or missing data
  • Standardizes integration methods according to best practices
  • Defines ownership of data and helps entities standardize data models

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