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Government Cloud Services - Sadeem

Sadeem enables fast and cost effective implementation of e-Services and Business Intelligence across the government to realize the integrated and connected government.

Sadeem aims to accelerate and monitor the Government Digital Transformation while saving cost and accelerating time to market.

Sadeem enjoys the following features:

  • Built-in integration with the Government data exchange and the other shared services
  • Readily available Business intelligence tools and templates for different business models
  • Guidance and onboarding assistance available from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC)
  • A consistent user experience across all channels, including mobile

Sadeem delivers various benefits to government entities:

  • Saved costs and accelerated time to market through templates and ready services
  • Greater efficiencies and security arising from shared infrastructure
  • Maintained infrastructure updates
  • Increased fact-based decision making with real-time executive dashboards

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Transport and Communications via phone number (+974) 4406 9996 or e-mail address