Eyegaze Art Exhibition

Eyegaze Art Exhibition
A Showcase of one of the Leading Eye Gaze Artists in the World
Katara Art Center, Building No. 5 Doha
For many, painting remains in the act of a stroke and the texture of the paint, this though has changed since the late 20th century and the wide accessibility of digital tools. It is only recently through Assistive Technology that painting with the movement of the eyes became possible. Here Sarah Ezekiel applies paint strokes to a digital canvas to create works with multiple layers of meaning, submerged in highly colorful and idealized compositions.
Mada and Katara Art Center are featuring one of the world’s leading “Eye Gaze” artists as part of a week-long series of activities around Disability and Art & Technology. The exhibition will run for 4 days from February 10 to 14 in Building Number 5 at Katara.
Join us in celebrating Sarah Ezekiel's inspiring artwork.
For more information, please contact Ahmed Habib, Head of Communications, Awareness and Outreach at Mada:
E-mail: ahabib@mada.org.qa
Telephone: +974 4459 4053
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