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Land Transport Sector

Land Transport Planning

  • Setting the general planning policy for land and railway transport activities;
  • Preparing the necessary studies and design plans, as well as planning the construction and development of land and railway transport networks in coordination with the relevant authorities in the State of Qatar
  • Identifying the licensing requirements and fees of land and railway transport activities.

Land Transport Licensing

  • Enforcing the provisions of the legislations and regulations of land and railway transport
  • Setting the rules and taking the decisions governing the land and railway transport services;
  • Receiving, reviewing and approving license applications submitted by land and railway transport service providers
  • Checking the means of land transport for compliance with the set specifications, in cooperation with relevant authorities in the State of Qatar.

Land Transport Performance Quality

  • Setting and developing technical performance standards of land and railway transport
  • Monitoring the performance of licensed operators;
  • Ensuring compliance with general quality standards, requirements and controls of service performance
  • Examining all types of land transportations to ensure their safety.

Road Assets

  • Proposing national road projects based on the approved development plans and implementation priorities, in coordination with concerned administrative units
  • Participating in the development of quality and safety requirements for proposed road projects
  • Following up on the implementation of road projects in accordance with the timelines set for completion and taking the necessary relevant measures
  • Receiving road assets from the Public Works Authority after the implementation of the project by the contractor and the end of period specified for maintenance
  • Running regular checks for distress that occurs on the roads and determining the need for maintenance
  • Receiving public complaints about roads, and working to remove the causes of the complaint
  • Coordinating with the Public Works Authority on the implementation of road maintenance works

Traffic Engineering and Road Safety

  • Preparing studies on traffic movement and traffic jams in coordination with the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior
  • Preparing studies and data analysis of traffic accidents, determining their causes and proposing appropriate solutions
  • Proposing road safety measures in coordination with the concerned administrative units
  • Coordinating with stakeholders to achieve the highest rates of road safety and reducing accidents
  • Managing traffic control systems and traffic signals, in coordination with the concerned parties