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National Development Strategy

Proceeding from the national legislations for the advancement of human development, especially Law No. 15 of 2016 on human resources,

The Ministry of Transport and Communications Technology is committed to preparing young Qataris for future leadership positions in the Transport and ICT sectors. We provide opportunities for Qatari employees to develop their skills to prepare them for targeted positions and establish distinct career pathways.

A national development strategy is created for each Qatari employee upon initiation, which outlines career goals and steps to meet those goals. The Ministry implements Strategy by laying emphasis on the importance for individuals to contribute positively to their own growth and development and also to take ownership of their career development process.

As part of the National Development Strategy, the Ministry provides scholarships to deserving Qatari staff to pursue higher education.

Internships: The Ministry believes in nurturing local youth to make them future leaders. To this end, we are always on the lookout for young, motivated, talented Qatari Nationals for internships to introduce a fresh perspective. We participate in initiatives that focus on cultivating students’ careers by collaborating with student coordinators and counselors at universities to identify and share potential internship training opportunities.