The Ministry of Transport and Communications is an equal opportunity employer and follows a structured method of employment. We ensure that all legal obligations and regulations relating to hiring and personnel administration are complied with. The entire recruitment process takes approximately 6 to 14 weeks depending on the availability of the supportive documents from the candidate after the final offer is accepted by the candidate. The above processing time is applicable for all expatriates already based in Qatar, whether those transferring their work sponsorship to the Ministry or who are relocating from another country.

The recruitment process for Qatari citizens is comparatively faster as all the required documents can be processed faster.

Step 1: The Ministry advertises a vacant position through different channels and selects potential candidates based on qualifications and experience.

Step 2: HR conducts preliminary telephone interview with short-listed candidates.

Step 3: The hiring department manager conducts telephone interview with shortlisted candidates. If required, a written exam to assess the applicant’s technical skills might also be conducted.

Step 4: Shortlisted candidate is invited for an on-site interview, if required.

Step 5: HR makes an offer to the final candidate.

Step 6: Once the candidate signs the offer to confirm their employment with the Ministry, they need to send the letter back to HR department together with the following supportive documents:

  • Medical test conducted in their native country or country of residence
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Embassy in the country of origin
  • Copies of educational certificates attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Embassy in the country of origin
  • Copy of relevant pages of their passport

Step 7: Once the above documents have been received, the Ministry applies for the candidate’s work visa. Usually processing of work visa takes from two to three weeks.

Step 8: Upon receiving the necessary approvals from the Ministry, we will make arrangements for the candidate to join us.